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A Beautiful Boulevard Gardens Wedding | DJ Brisbane

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Simon & Katie’s Boulevard Gardens Wedding

With DJ Ben Shipway | #GMDifference | DJ Brisbane

Simon & Katie attended one of our “G&M Showcase Nights” at Victoria Park Golf Complex and were lucky enough to win their Magnifique DJ Package.

The awesome thing about Simon & Katie winning their entertainment, is that it freed up their budget to invest in some lighting design to really make their wedding reception pop.

They decided to book one of our custom monogram’s, 10 uplights and our ‘Dancing on a Cloud’ effect for their first dance. Check out the pictures to see how they were able to completely transform their room at Boulevard Gardens.

To make her father daughter dance even more special, Katie decided that she would like me to make a custom audio edit for her. Katie came over and we recorded her talking about her dad, all of the things that she loves and appreciates about him. Then I took that audio and placed it in to the instrumental breaks of her father daughter dance. It is safe to say that got some tears flowing in the room.

Simon & Katie were such a lovely couple and our meetings always contained plenty of laughs as we talked through their music preferences for their celebration. They gave me some gentle guidance on their tastes but they were mostly happy for me to read the room and ensure that their friends and family danced well in to the night.

They concluded their night with an elegant sparkler exit, out the front of Boulevard Gardens to “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon.

Here is what Simon & Katie had to say about their experience.

“Honestly could not have imagined the service and experience with G&M going better. Leading up to wedding dealing with Ben put our mind at ease 100%. There were moments in the night we didn’t even think about having music to accompany and if it wasn’t for Ben bringing it to our attention and recommending certain styles of music and songs to match the moment.

When our wedding came around Ben was the first of all the vendors I saw at the venue and had a quick chat to see how I was feeling about the day, it was a nice touch. We had some music playing in the courtyard for canapes and the music was perfectly suited to the moment, and set at perfect volume to talk and still here the background tunes.

When my wife and I made our entrance we were blown away by the lighting effects. They took the room to another level and were exactly what we had hoped for and more. The monogram in particular was stunning. All through the night Ben was playing great music and it created an amazing atmosphere, we had left the music selection (Other than key moments) up to Ben and we could not have been happier 10/10 job. We also had the dancing on a cloud effect for our first dance and it was also a stunning addition, we had so many comments about it and the lighting effects.

Once the formalities were finished Ben was great in setting the mood and getting people up to dance, I had actually been worried that it wouldn’t be the case but he was able to get good numbers on the floor all night. But for me personally the stand out moment of using G&M and Ben was the very last moment of the night when the reception was finished and the final song had been played, my wife and I had planned a sparkler exit that got pushed back to venue closing time because we were having such a blast. This took place outside and just as we got ready to walk through there was Ben with a handheld speaker playing the last song that we had requested for us to walk through all our friends and family to (a friend put through a request for last song and Ben asked us if it was alright which we agreed). For me that was the above and beyond moment that I don’t think you would get elsewhere. Cannot reccomend both G&M and Ben enough if I were planning again all over they would be my first and only choice for entertainment and lighting.”

Katie + Simon

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