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The Joinery Wedding Where An Awesome Party Was Had

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The Joinery Wedding for Elle & Drew

 with DJ Brian Davis

DJ Hire | #GMDifference

When planning your wedding, the process can be made a whole lot easier simply by hiring professional vendors that are amazing at what they do.

And that, is exactly what Elle and Drew did.

Starting with a fantastic space called The Joinery as the canvas for their reception, Elle and Drew had the talented team from Main Event Weddings on hand to decorate and coordinate. The end result….well, just check out the below video and see for yourself 🙂

With their perfect canvas almost complete, they had Brian Davis from our team as their DJ to add the finishing touches they needed to turn their

Brian Davis from our team was their chosen DJ and he added the perfect finishing touches to their canvas at The Joinery – helping them turn their celebration into one awesome party! Nothing makes for an amazing dance floor like 90s pop music!

Thanks for sharing the fun with us Elle and Drew!

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