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Wedding MC – Why is a professional Wedding MC important?

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How important is a Wedding MC?

This question can be answered by asking the question: “How important is your wedding day to you?”

Many people, when asked, will tell me they don’t need a professional MC because they’ve got a close friend, or a relative, or a work colleague, who is “good at public speaking”, and so they’ll get them to do it. This logic is a little misguided for two reasons:

  1. You’ll be placing unnecessary stress on one of your wedding guests, and
  2. Just because someone is “good at public speaking” does not make that person a good MC, in the same way that just because someone takes good photos, does not make that person a photographer.

To be a professional wedding MC takes a lot more work than just standing up and talking into a microphone.

So, let’s take a look at what a Professional MC from G&M DJs can bring to your wedding.

First and foremost, a wedding MC from G&M DJs is the person who glues your reception together, ensuring the evening flows smoothly from beginning to end, enabling you to sit back and enjoy the night. So, while we will do some talking on the microphone, it is not our primary role.

Let’s break it down into more detail:

  1. Yes, we will step up to the microphone and talk. Our job, however, is to create a balance of being as concise as we are detailed, and as entertaining as we are informative. There are many MC “guides” out there that place too much emphasis on making good jokes, and not a whole lot on what the role of the MC is.
  2. As I mentioned earlier, our primary task is to ensure the evening runs efficiently. This involves a great deal of behind-the-scenes co-ordination that begins several months before a wedding date to create time lines to compliment the venue’s service schedule, and adds pace and flexibility so that all the bride and groom need to do is enjoy themselves.
  3. This preparation is then extended to the event itself. Our professional wedding MCs will race around at the reception ensuring everything is running to the prepared time lines; checking guests are present for important moments, such as speeches, during the function; confirming the bouquet is ready to be fought over by the throng of unmarried women waiting to catch it; and that the bride and groom’s transport has arrived, and is ready for their exit. Plus much, much more.
  4. We will liaise with other wedding vendors, from photographers and videographers, to decorators and venue staff, co-ordinating all of the special wedding reception moments: wedding party entrance, bridal waltz, cake cutting, etc., to ensure that all of those important moments are captured.
  5. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the background work a professional MC will do at a wedding, they will also make it a fun and engaging night for everyone. And nothing keeps guests at a wedding more than knowing they are having a good time.

There are many more things that an experienced professional MC will do for a wedding, as each couple is different and will have different requests and expectations.

What if I just get the DJ to be my MC?

Sure, you can get your DJ to be your MC. And while there are a few out there who are capable of making the two tasks work wonderfully, when one person is doing the job of two, it can be very difficult to do any of them exceptionally. It is our belief that your wedding should be exceptional.

Knowing what you want at your wedding, and knowing what you will get at your wedding are two very different notions, and a professional wedding MC will help you meld the two ideas into one perfect evening.

Thank you for reading,

Glenn Mackay
Wedding Entertainment Director®

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